Access to untapped talent pools

When you partner with us, you’re partnering with the leading organization for diversity, equity and inclusion. Elevate your workforce with highly skilled workers that are often automatically dismissed due to a career gap. This pool of talent is just what you need to enhance your culture and productivity.

How we support employers

We focus on quality and authentic connections to help you save time, stand out, and attract the best people for your open positions.

Start a Returnship Program

Our returnship programs are redefining the way companies hire talent. Leaders are able to boost diversity and business goals by acquiring talent that is typically not available through traditional channels. Highly qualified technical individuals returning to the workforce.

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Hire contingent workers

Successful businesses in the modern world are built through leveraging diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Leaders know that a diverse workforce is not only a nice thing to have, but statistics show that it also makes for a more innovative and productive company.

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Direct hire

67% of job seekers say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating job companies and job offers. Employees want to be a part of a company that places high value on an equitable workforce.

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Leave of absence

Life happens. Some things are just outside of our control. Childbirth, adoption, serious illness, or even military service are all common examples of why a valued employee may need leave of absence. Companies that demonstrate compassion and plan for the necessary leave of absence see better retention rates.

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Overcoming obstacles for Returners

Unfortunately, the recruiting process for many companies is set up to place less value on candidates that have a gap in their work history, despite the fact that these candidates are often experienced and highly qualified. This preference may be part of the talent acquisition process that recruiters are instructed to follow or it may be built into a company’s recruiting technology or ATS (Applicant Tracking System). The result is that companies are missing out on some great talent. And because Returners are typically women, the talent companies are missing out on is often female.

Why partner with Women Back to Work?

Women Back to Work is the leading returnship organization specializing in helping companies hire technical, female professionals with a career gap.

Backed by the full recruiting resources of an award-winning IT staffing firm. This means our candidates are interviewed, screened, and tested for technical skills before being submitted for your roles.

Trusted by many leading companies to deliver returner talent. Our partners include Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Visa, Bank of the West, Farmers Insurance, and many others.

Developed relationships with underserved communities and groups including LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, and others.

Recruiters who specialize in sourcing and screening returner talent. They know how to find the unique potential in each candidate and match them to the perfect job.

Multiple engagement options including full-service returnships, contract hire, direct hire, as well as enhancing the talent pipeline of a current returnship program.