Our Story

Talent. Diversity. Impact.

Bridging the gap between talented women in technology and open career opportunities. Women deserve the opportunity to re-enter the workforce. Businesses deserve qualified talent to elevate their productivity.

Our mission

To create unparalleled opportunities for organizations committed to hiring technical, female professionals.

Backed by the full recruiting resources of an award-winning IT staffing firm. This means our candidates are interviewed, screened, and tested for technical skills before being submitted for your roles.

Developed relationships within underserved communities and groups including LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, and others.

Flexible engagement options, including full-service returnships, contract hire, direct hire, as well as enhancing the talent pipeline of a current returnship program.

Trusted by many leading companies to deliver returner talent. Our partners include Pfizer, LinkedIn, Amazon, VISA, Farmers Insurance and Palo Alto Networks.


Specialized recruiters in sourcing and screening returner talent. They know how to find the unique potential in each candidate and match them to the perfect job.

A note from our founder

– Sonu Ratra

Over 20 years ago, I paused my thriving career to care for my newborn baby girl. I never considered the barriers I would face when I decided to return to work after 18 months. After months of trying to break back into the industry, I felt discouraged. My corporate experience, degrees and the fire in my belly didn’t seem to matter anymore. I was a woman with a gap on my resume.

Today my mission is to help women reclaim their careers. Returnships and building a successful Return-to-Work program has been my life’s work and worth.

In 2015, we formally launched Women Back to Work as an Akraya initiative. Our purpose – Create systematic pathways to facilitate the re-entry of women back into the workforce.
Companies are looking for diverse, exceptional talent while overlooking qualified, professional women eager to re-launch their careers. Returners want exciting, cutting-edge technology opportunities. There is a gap in the market, and we can fill this.

At WBW, we have perfected the art and science of Full-Service Returnships – sourcing, recruiting, nurturing, and mentoring returners. We have debunked the myths and stereotypes around hiring women with gaps. Our Returner talent pool is world class. Our weekly ‘Power Hours have set a trend in the industry.

We have an exciting future ahead as we expand our services and offerings to impact women in the workforce and accelerate D&I efforts at companies.

Whether you are a CEO, a CIO, a Chief Diversity Officer, Talent Acquisition, a Hiring Manager, a Managed Services Provider – failure to hire Returners as a part of your hiring strategy means not being leveraging the life experiences, diverse and non-linear thinking that Returners bring. Don’t miss out on this goldmine of talent.

I am deeply thankful to those who have been on this journey with us, inspired us, pushed us to do more.I welcome others to join our mission. Together we can have a profound impact on someone’s life and career.