Contingent Staffing Solutions

Bringing greater purpose to every hire

Successful businesses in the modern world are built through leveraging diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.  Leaders know that a diverse workforce is not only a nice thing to have, but statistics show that it also makes for a more innovative and productive company.

Competing in the modern workforce era

When the subject of “workforce” comes up, most people think only about traditional, direct employees of a company. But the definition of a workforce has become so much more. Studies show that over 40% of the US workforce is comprised of individuals engaged in some form of non-traditional employer-employee arrangement including temporary, part-time, contract, and project-based employees.  

Contingent workers are now sitting firmly in the driver’s seat of their careers and are being placed in increasingly strategic positions within their organizations. Temporary workers are a pipeline for your contract-to-hire conversions. This makes it imperative for companies to create funnels for hiring diverse contingent/contract workers.

Qualified, but untapped diverse talent pool

Women are serious drivers of diversity, and a unique, often over-looked pool of talent is women ‘Returning to Work’ after a career break.

Women tend to take time off to care for their loved ones, raise children or a variety of other reasons. Hiring returners can improve the gender, age, and racial diversity within an organization. They often bring a high level of experience, maturity, and commitment. Employers report that returners tend to offer a different way of looking at problems and situations, which can help enhance an organization’s cognitive diversity. 

Maximize the contingent workforce

Contingent/temporary workers are hired for mission-critical projects and are required to hit the ground-running. Returners have a high level of technical and professional skills, education, and experience, as well as the new skills they’ve gained during their career break.  They bring incredible attitudes, willingness to give their 100% and a fire in the belly to ensure success of projects and teams.

With a flexible contingent staffing solution, you can recruit skilled women who are ready to return to the workforce.

What hiring managers are saying about Returners in short-term contract roles


“Able to work on challenging coding problems.”


“Impressed with her expertise and ability to jump right away into work.”


“Shows ownership on her tasks and takes initiative.”


“She understands from day 1 the language of the projects and picked up very quickly.”


“I can’t believe that she has had a gap in her resume.”

Leverage Women Back to Work
for your contingent staffing needs

Hiring from a returner program can have a positive impact on brand image, clearly signaling your organization’s support of non-linear career paths, and value for the role that caring plays in society. We work as an extension of your team, determining the challenges and opportunities for your contingent workforce. As we work together, we’ll help you find the most qualified workers for your business.



Find specialized talent or scale back your operations to support the changing needs of your business


Reduce the impact of hiring by only paying for what you need, when you need it


Streamline the hiring process without worrying about employment laws and requirements


Our recruiters will find candidates quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the worker


We provide reports and diversity data, so you know your hiring impact