Empowering women to return to the workforce

Our returnship programs are redefining the way companies hire talent. Leaders are able to boost diversity and business goals by acquiring talent that is typically not available through traditional channels. Highly qualified technical individuals returning to the workforce.  

Overcoming our biases

A returnship, or return-to-work program, is essentially an internship to provide career opportunities to individuals who took time off from the workforce. Women are disproportionally impacted as they are the ones responsible for caring for their families and loved ones.

Unfortunately, the recruiting process for many companies is set up to place less value on candidates that have a gap in their work history. Recruiting technology tools or ATS (Applicant Tracking System) isn’t set up to identify candidates for their aptitude and potential.

The result is that companies are missing out on some exceptional talent. And because Returners are typically women, the talent they are missing out on is often female.

Doing good is good for business

Career returnship programs create win-win scenarios for women and businesses. Here are some clear values and benefits to establishing a Return-to-Work program for your organization. 

Access to untapped talent

Most recruiting processes disregard resumes that have a gap in their work history. The result is an often overlooked talent pool. Women Back to Work provides easy access to this difficult-to-reach, highly-qualified diverse talent network. 

Gender diversity

Studies have shown that diversity increases profitability, results in more creative solutions to business problems, creates workforces that are more resilient, and creates organizations that outperform ones that are not diverse.

Employee loyalty

Companies that invest time and resources into D&I programs send a clear positive message that all employees are valued, particularly women. Return-to-Work programs impact and promote retention and decrease turnover.

Build positive employer brand

Being recognized as a great place to work requires unique and proactive programs that set you apart from other employers. Returnships can be part of that effort. Two-thirds of all job seekers say that a diverse and inclusive workplace is important when evaluating companies and job offers.

Reduced risk

There is always risk associated with the hiring Returners. But a 16, 20, or 24-week returnship significantly minimizes these risks. Returnships, similar to internships, allow the returnship participant and the company to evaluate fit for the role and culture before making a decision on long-term employment.

Improved hire rate

A properly executed Returnships result in a significant number of quality hires. In fact, returnships to date have resulted in an 85% hire rate at the end of the program. Returners are often one of the most dedicated and hard-working group of professionals available to employers.

How it works

The first thing to do is figure out if there is an appetite within the company for a Returnship program. It takes a certain mindset and buy-in from multiple departments to make it happen. These departments include your engineering, Information Technology, Business, HR and Talent Acquisition leaders and hiring managers. Important returnship decisions include:

  1. Determine the employment status
  2. Decide what benefits you want to offer
  3. Identify roles and positions suitable for Returnship roles
  4. Determine the duration of your returnship program
  5. Create a training and mentoring program for returners
  6. Create branding for your Returnship program