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Power Hour

Our Virtual Power Hour provides ongoing support system to help Returners navigate the challenges and obstacles involved with finding a job that is the right fit. Women can get advice on their resume, interviewing, networking, social media, etc. Really anything to do with their job search. It’s also a great place to network with other women who are looking to return to work.

Our virtual Power Hour is hosted every Tuesday at 12 pm PST.

Featured Discussion

Turning Aspirations into Accomplishments: Insights from Vaishali Shah

Wondering how to turn your aspirations into accomplishments?

We had Vaishali Shah join us to share actionable strategies on the next steps in achieving our return-to-work goals in 2024.

Featured Discussion

Gear up for return-to-work success in 2024.

Listen in to a WBW POWER HOUR session with Emily Stark, a seasoned Return-to-Work Coach as she shares insights and strategies to confidently re-enter the workforce. 

Make 2024 the year of your career comeback!

Vaishali Shah

VP of Workforce Diversity and Inclusion, Randstad Enterprise

Emily Stark

Return-to-Work Coach, Wraparound Return, LLC.

Oscar Murillo

Vice President, Product & Design, Mozilla

Steve Van Lare

Vice President of Engineering, Anjuna Security

Ishy Shah

Global Procurement Lead, Cisco

Lisa Duerre

CEO of RLD Group

Become a speaker

We would love to have you share your expertise and insights with our community of returners. Please fill out the form and we will coordinate a day and time for your speaking opportunity.

Why become a speaker for Power Hour?

Connect with a large audience of Returners who are prepared to re-enter the workforce. 

What is "Power Hour"?

“Power Hour” is a weekly virtual get-together held every Tuesday at 12 noon (PST) via Zoom. It serves as a returner community meet-up to connect, network with fellow returners, engage with Women Back to Work (WBW) and Akraya recruiters, and gain insights into open roles, job market updates, interviewing tips, career re-entry guidance, and updates on upcoming returnships.

What is the structure of a Power Hour?

Power Hour is a Zoom meeting setup and encompasses various sessions, including general sessions for returners and WBW updates, learning sessions guided by WBW, and guest speaker sessions. It’s an interactive platform where participants can engage with speakers, ask questions, and learn about the latest industry trends and opportunities.

How many attendees usually join Power Hour?

Typically, Power Hour attracts 25-50 attendees. However, sessions featuring guest speakers, especially from renowned Silicon Valley companies, can see an increased turnout of 65-100 participants. The majority of attendees are women, with around 85% having a technical/engineering/technology background.

How can I join the WBW Power Hour?

It’s easy! Simply visit our website every Tuesday at 12 PM PST, click on “Join the conversation,” and you’ll be seamlessly connected to our Zoom meeting. Your participation will be automatic and hassle-free.

How can I become a guest speaker to the WBW Power Hour?

If you’re interested and haven’t been contacted yet, please complete our speaker form or simply email us at [email protected]. Our team will promptly reach out to you and take the conversation forward.

[Speakers] What topics can I present during the WBW Power Hour?

As a guest speaker, you can share insights on various subjects such as recruiting strategies, experiences with marquee clients, and your company’s open roles. You can also provide valuable advice on say “starting a career in UI/UX”, “offering insider interview tips”, or “sharing personal experiences with career breaks and how to navigate the job market”. This a great platform to promote your company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

What happens after I express interest?

Once you indicate your interest, we’ll proceed by scheduling a convenient 15–20-minute call. During this call, we’ll delve into the specifics, such as refining the topic, crafting key speaking points, outlining strategies for session promotion, addressing any queries you might have, and finalize a date that works for you. 

What topics have previous guest speakers covered?

Past topics include – Creative job market strategies to outshine competition, Starting a career in cybersecurity, Personal brand building, Effective networking tips and tricks, How to leveraging your strongest skills?, Simplifying networking efforts, Crafting a personal elevator pitch, and many more.

Can I receive support with topic selection, title, and talking points tailored for returners?

Absolutely! The WBW team is well-versed in event planning and is here to collaborate with you. We’re committed to ensuring that your topic resonates with returners and delivers value. Share your initial thoughts with us, and we’ll work together to shape the topic into something impactful and relevant. 

What is in it for me?

Branding: Elevate your personal and professional brand by sharing your expertise with a group of motivated and engaged women returning to work. Benefit from exposure through our social media campaigns and email promotions.

Networking: Connect with a talented pool of individuals who are eager to re-enter the workforce. Expand your network and potentially identify potential candidates for your organization.

Showcase Leadership: Establish yourself as a thought leader and mentor in the field by providing valuable insights and guidance to women navigating their return-to-work journey.

Community Impact: Contribute to making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals seeking to restart their careers. Empower others by sharing your experiences, challenges, and successes.

Recruitment Opportunities: Discover potential candidates who possess a strong determination to contribute to your organization. Find skilled individuals who are eager to excel in their roles.

Diversity Advocacy: Showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion by supporting women professionals on their path back to the workforce.

Learning Experience: Engage in a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences with returners. Expand your knowledge about career gaps, the job search process, and the challenges they face.

Give Back: Make a positive difference by providing valuable guidance and advice to individuals aiming to reignite their careers. Your insights can be transformative for someone’s professional journey.