The Returner Community

You’re not alone on your journey back to work

Many women take time off work for important life events, such as raising children or caring for loved ones who may need assistance. Women Back to Work doesn’t just want to help you return to the workforce. We want you to join a community of hard-working professionals.

Women empowering women

It can be daunting to search for a new job after a hiatus from the workforce. You need to create a resume, practice interviewing, search through job postings, write cover letters, and so much more. And then there’s social media. How do you leverage (or create) a LinkedIn profile? It can all be so overwhelming.

Our revolutionary returnship program offers Returners the resources and guidance needed to reenter the workforce. We are committed to getting you the perfect job for your skill set in the shortest amount of time possible. Participating partner companies are eager to match your skills to open positions within their organizations. Connect with mentors, advisors and get access to all the support you need. Our returnship program is always free for our community of Returners.

Find a job

Our many partners are continually providing new job opportunities for our returners. The jobs are for individuals with a career gap, just like you. So don’t hesitate to apply.

Premier partners

Our premier partners have invested the time and effort to create a Returnship page that tells you all of the amazing things about working for their company.

Returner training

You may wonder where to start or be worried about whether your skills are rusty. A lot may have changed in the workplace since you’ve been away. We’ll make sure you hit the ground running.

Virtual Power Hour

We address any pressing questions for our current candidates about their job search. Keep your job search moving forward by discovering solutions for any job search related issues you face.