Returnship Program

Women Back to Work and LinkedIn are partnering to launch ReturnIn, a returnship program that creates opportunities for individuals with the passion, potential, and drive to either develop or restart their career in engineering after taking a break.

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“Career changes can be daunting and mind-racking because they often require a lot of time, conversations, back and forth thinking, and difficult tradeoffs. However, when the right opportunity comes along, you just know it in your heart because you feel connected to the mission and the people.”

Lei Yang, VP of Engineering, LinkedIn

“As Vice President of Engineering, I wear different hats and hold myself accountable for three main things – my team/talent, our products, and the technology that powers them.”

Aarathi Vidyasagar, VP Engineering, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn

“Use the voice that you have earned. Everybody is a leader in their own role, I don’t care what level you are.”

Erica Lockheimer, VP of Engineering, LinkedIn Talent Solutions, LinkedIn Learning


ReturnIn Program

ReturnIn is a six-month program where individuals looking to reenter the engineering workforce will work in technical roles to build their skill set and gain the experience needed to become a full-time Engineer. Returners will develop applications at scale, learn from fellow engineers and managers, and build key skills that can be applied to a future career in engineering.

ReturnIn includes intentional programming that provides opportunities and connections to address the network gap caused by career breaks. With access to benefits, mentorship, coaching, professional development, and a cohort experience, ReturnIn offers the opportunity for individuals returning to work from a career break with the skills and pathways to long-term employment.

WomenConnect at LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s mission within the Women In Tech organization (WIT) is to connect, inspire and grow women technologists to build products that reflect the diversity of our members. WomenConnect is an event created by WIT, for women in technology to come together and connect with other professionals, build meaningful relationships and exchange professional best practices.

Enhancing LinkedIn’s Culture and Values

At LinkedIn, we define Culture as the collective personality of an organization. Who you are, and more importantly, who you aspire to be, is the foundation for building an enduring, successful company.

Career stories: Blending analytics and design thinking

An experienced quality assurance analyst and credentialed graphic designer, Michaela was seeking in her next role added flexibility, and the opportunity to blend both her analytical and creative skills.

LinkedIn Members Can Now Spotlight Career Breaks on Their Profiles

We’re rolling out the ability for our members to add a Career Break to their Profile, whether it was taken for full-time parenting, bereavement, caregiving, a gap year, layoff, or other life needs or experiences.