Palo Alto Networks

Returnship Program

Women Back to Work and Palo Alto Networks are working together again to provide opportunities for the re-entry of career-ready professionals in tech. Apply today for the potential to relaunch your career at one of the country’s leading cybersecurity companies.

The Palo Alto Networks’ Returnship is an immersive program designed to encourage and provide opportunities to a pool of untapped, career-ready Returners who took a career break and are looking to re-enter the workforce in a full-time role.

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“I am committed to being a champion for Women Back to Work’s mission.”

Anand Oswal, Sr. GM and VP, Palo Alto Networks

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What to expect at Palo Alto Networks.

Training & immersion

This program leads you back into the workforce so you can help solve the kinds of complex problems that change the world. You’ll be given coaching and guidance that will help you make a real impact that helps further Palo Alto Networks’ goal of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Mentorship & community

In the Women Recharged Program, you’ll be paired with experienced coaches and mentors to help you navigate Palo Alto Networks as you re-enter this important phase in your career. You’ll also develop a strong peer returner group, supporting each other as you take this journey together.

Preparation & support

The world moves fast, and technology is constantly growing and changing. Re-entering the workforce after being away is a unique experience, so we take care in setting our program participants up for success.

“With diversity and inclusion being a critical component of successful businesses, we must bring creativity to the table when addressing the lack of diversity in tech. The WBW program does exactly this and I am proud to be a partner.”

Heather Giovanni, VP Engineering, Palo Alto Networks

Our vision is a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before.

“Work today is constantly competing for balance with life. In addition to opening up a qualified and diverse talent pool WBW has also managed to tilt the scales by providing support and career opportunities to returning professionals. I am proud to partner with Women Back to Work in their mission.”

Mouli Balasubramanian, Director of Engineering, Palo Alto Networks

Anand Oswal, Sr. GM and VP, Palo Alto Networks, joined NBC to share why he values the unique perspective Returners bring to the workplace.

Sarah Bernstein, Senior Director, People Business Partner participated in the Returnship 1.0 event and shared why Palo Alto Networks partnered with WBW to hire Returners.