A safe space for career development

It takes a village to relaunch someone’s career. We want to be that village for you. We have built a community of returners, women, companies, and a passion that has helped women across the country get back to work after a career gap. Need help practicing interview questions? Or touching up your resume? We are here for you.

Fostering an environment of inspiration

Many females in the STEM field are not exposed to female leadership or mentorship. It is still a male dominated field where women do not see themselves in higher up positions. In order to work to fix this, we have created a community of women inspiring women. A place in which women can see female leadership and be inspired and supported to grow in their careers.

Power Hour

Power Hour began as an open-door hour for those seeking help returning to the workforce. As the hours built up, a community emerged. A community of qualified and dedicated women who needed career advice in order to re-enter the job market after a career break. Our mission was to create avenues for these women, but together, we built roads. After countless hours of interview prep, resume building, and empowering workshops, our weekly power hour has become the first step for many women to access careers in the tech industry.

Our topics range from normalizing career breaks through conversation to discussing specific interview questions and design languages.

Be her ally

Do you have an exciting career in tech and are you looking for ways to pay it forward? Become a mentor and use this opportunity to develop your leadership skills and enhance and strengthen interpersonal and coaching skills by helping a professional with a career break nail that tech interview. Join as a mentor and be the “learning facilitator” igniting someone’s career.

Join Be Her Ally mentoring program as a mentee and connect with established tech professionals to guide you on the current skill trends, practice mock interviews, and learn best practices and tips for technical interviews. Be Her Ally is a community-driven mentorship program designed to give you a platform to connect for 1-on-1 advice and find professional insights. The program is free of charge and available to all our WBW community.

Learning resources

A degree in computer science is no longer needed to advance or enter a career in technology. Our partner companies, instead, want to hire individuals with an affinity for technology and varying life experiences who have the will and determination to learn and grow. And the unique view and life experiences of Returners is high on their list.

Below are some of the free and low-cost online learning platforms that will help you enter or advance a career in tech. All you need is a computer, Internet access, and the will to learn.