Return-to-Work Programs Make Companies a Great Place to Work

Having a great company reputation is extremely important for many reasons as it plays a huge role in the success of any organization. In addition, a company’s reputation is not just for a sense of pride, but is necessary for a company’s long-term growth prospects. 

A solid reputation gives your company many benefits, all of which translate in one way or another to a competitive advantage and ultimately, growth. Whether it’s new business, press coverage, word of mouth, or creating a company that has the reputation as a great place to work.

Here are the most common ways of creating a positive company reputation where people want to work: 

  • Provide high quality services/products 

  • Create a positive customer experience 

  • Create a positive work culture  

  • Encourage online reviews 

  • Response to online reviews 

  • Win awards and publicize them 

  • Do social good 

The last item on the list, doing social good, has become more of a focus recently for many companies. The reason for this is that millennials put this factor near the top of their list when it comes to evaluating companies they want to work for. If they’re going to invest their time and energy into a job, they want it to be for a company that is doing the right thing for their employees, the community, and the world.  

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Returnships Help Make Companies a Desirable Place to Work

Being recognized as a great place to work requires unique and proactive programs that set you apart from other employers. A Returnship, or a return-to-work program, should be a part of that effort.  

What is a Returnship?  

Returnships are basically internships for professionals looking to return to the workforce after a career break. Their hiatus usually involves raising children, caring for sick loved ones, or recovering from an illness themselves.  

The Returnship itself is typically 12-16 weeks in duration, offers pay that is commensurate with an individual’s experience, and provides additional training and mentorship. At the end of a Returnship, employers have the option to hire Returners as full-time employees.  

The goal of a Returnship is to reacquaint returners with the culture and pace of today’s work environment in a collaborative and supportive environment. 

How Do Returnships Help?

It goes without saying most people agree that someone who has taken a career-break should not be overlooked simply because they have an employment gap on their resume. But the fact is, most recruiting processes do just that.  

Returnships are a way to fix this injustice.  

Job seekers interested in working for your company will see a return-to-work program as a positive thing and view your company as one that is flexible and understanding of the challenges their employees may face at some point in their lives. It’s doing social good. 

Diversity and Inclusion are also important factors. 

Two-thirds of all job seekers say that a diverse and inclusive workplace is important when evaluating companies and job offers. This number goes up to 83% for millennials. Highly visible Returnship Programs significantly help with this issue.   

So whether it’s doing social good, or demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Returnships are not only a way to attract and hire talent that is returning after a career break, but a way to make your company one that is viewed as a great place to work by all.