Returners are Highly Motivated Employees

A candidate’s motivation to perform well in a job is one thing that is extremely difficult to uncover during the interview and screening process.  

All candidates are eager to put their best foot forward during a job interview. They’re going to tell you why they are excited about the role and how they can contribute. But even if their resume checks all of the boxes and their personality seems like a great match, motivation is an attribute that won’t truly be seen until the individual is hired and on the job. 

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In fact, even the candidate may not know how motivated they will be once they land the job and start. 

Our experience at Women Back to Work tells us that Returners are different. 

Returners are individuals who have taken a career break to raise their kids, care for loved ones, or even recover from an injury or illness. And unfortunately, they have the odds stacked against them from the very first day they decide to reenter the workforce. The gap in their resume means they are going to be passed over by applicant tracking systems and recruiters who have been taught that a work gap, especially one that is long, indicates an undesirable, unmotivated candidate.   

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

Returners are a scrappy, determined talent pool that must overcome tremendous odds simply to land an interview. And once they land a job, we have seen time and time again that they perform to the highest of levels. They have worked significantly harder than other “standard” candidates to get the job and fully understand that they will need to perform at a high level to prove themselves. The result is a highly motivated and hardworking group that has unmatched drive and work ethic. 

Many of Women Back to Work’s champions and partners tell us how amazed they are with every returner they hire.   

“Richa is doing a great job adapting to her role. She is self-motivated to learn her responsibilities. All in all, she’s been a value add for us.” 
Raquel Marquez, Farmers Insurance 
Release Train Engineer – Director of Project Execution and Program Management 

“Our Returners are doing very well and have ramped up well and are participating in team scrums as well as leading presentations. Our managers and team can’t believe these are returners with a gap.” 
Hiring Manager 

“Because of their unique life experiences, Returners are always at the top of my list because they are great at multi-tasking, they are resourceful, and they always follow up.” 
Kelly Cassaro, 
Chief of Learning