Returnships Allow Companies and Returners to Test Each Other Out Before Committing

Hiring always has risks associated with it, especially if interviews are conducted over the phone or on video calls. In fact, according to a study by Leadership IQ, 46% of all hires fail within the first 18 months. Think about that. What other business process has a failure rate of nearly 50%?  

Hiring is an imperfect, expensive undertaking that companies struggle to get right even in the most perfect of situations. Lots of applicants, a thorough interviewing and screening process, and comprehensive background checks offer no guarantees. So, it’s no wonder that a candidate with a gap in their resume, or a Returner, draws significant red flags.  

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Returners are individuals who have taken time off to raise kids, care for ailing family members, or for any other reason. They often get passed over within traditional recruiting processes due to the gap in their work history despite the fact that there is no gap in their talent.  

Enter the Returnship, or return-to-work, program. 

A 16, 20, or 24-week returnship significantly minimizes the risks of hiring someone who has taken a career break. Returnships, similar to internships, allow the returnship participant and the company to evaluate fit for the role and culture before making a decision on long term employment.   

This is a best-case scenario for both the company and the returner as it sets the expectations at the beginning of the engagement. The company removes a lot of the hiring risk, perceived or otherwise, by allowing them to see firsthand how the employee performs on the job, interacts with colleagues, and gets up to speed.  

Training is often provided during the Returnship to aid in this process. 

From the Returners perspective, they get to evaluate the company before deciding whether a full-time role is a good idea. They get a sense of the workload, type of work, corporate culture, commute, and anything else that is involved with their daily work routine. 

Ultimately, a Returnship Program is a great way for a company and a Returner to see if there is a fit.