Returnships Create Great Social Media Content

It’s no secret that social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and others are fantastic ways to engage an audience with compelling content. And there is no professional content that is more compelling and emotionally engaging than a story about an individual who took time off to care for their children, nurse an ailing family member, or possibly recover from an illness themselves, only to will their way back into the workforce and succeed. Often against incredibly daunting odds. 

The stories that come out of Returnships and return-to-work programs are often very inspiring and make for social media content that evokes emotion and connection. The reason for this is that most people know someone who has struggled to return to the workforce after a career break. Aside from being a Returner, people have spouses, siblings, neighbors, etc. that have struggled with getting back into the workforce after a break. This phenomenon touches a significant number of people.  

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At Women Back to Work, we have seen the power of Returner stories on social media firsthand.  

When our partner, Farmers Insurance shared their partnership with Women Back to Work and a few subsequent success stories, their social media posts got hundreds of interactions, shares, and comments, many of which were Farmers employees expressing how much they loved the program and how proud they were to work for Farmers. 

We saw the same reaction with our Tesla Virtual Returnship. There were hundreds of interactions with a significant number of Tesla employees stating how proud they were to be working for a company that stands behind and supports returners.   

Here are just a few examples of amazing stories we’ve seen at Women Back to Work. 

Margaret Seery 
Margaret had a 20-year career in software development and took a break from work to care for her daughters, both of whom had a chronic genetic condition. Coming out of a 19-year career break, Margaret was the first returner in the Cisco Returnship to receive an offer out of hundreds of applicants. She is now a valued and productive Technical Program Manager at Cisco. 

Richa Chaturvedi  
Richa Chaturvedi was a certified Scrum Master with over 8 years of experience in quality assurance, business analysis, and project management before she took a 3-year break to raise her children. As a resident of Southern California, Richa connected with Women Back to Work when we were recruiting for the Farmers Insurance Returnship. She was the first WBW Returner to receive a full-time offer at Farmers. 

Synlape Toure 
Synlape’s story starts in 2010 when she arrived as a new immigrant to Quebec with a suitcase in one hand and her 21-month-old daughter in the other. Ten years later she immigrated to the US with 3 children and a gap of several years in her resume. A Women Back to Work recruiter saw her value and she is now a proud employee at Equinix, who values her unique life experiences and views.